In the year 2019 SijFa Cruises will focus more and more on the charter market. This means that we will rent our entire ships to international tour operators. From this season on it is no longer possible for our (regular) customers to book a cruise directly with us. You can still make cruises on board of our ships, but from now on you can book this with one of our partners such as Van der Biesen Travel and Toonen Reizen.

Van der Biesen Travel
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Tel .: 045-8200900

Toonen Reizen
Tel .: 024-3222235

We will occasionally take care of cruises such as party cruises, Easter and Christmas tours. We will continue to promote theme trips and we will continue to take care of your party in the form of birthdays, weddings and company events. For more information about this, see SijFa Business.

SijFa Cruises is therefore not completely out of the picture, but remains visible in a different way and we will keep you informed of our activities.